South Bruny & its Offshore Islands - 2013

It is fitting in so many ways that South Bruny and the neighbouring islands were selected for the 2013 survey. On clear days Pedra Branca is visible from the lighthouse at Cape Bruny, a beacon that reminds us of our amazing island wilderness.

South Bruny & its Offshore Islands Survey

The 2013 Hamish Saunders Memorial Island Survey targeted South Bruny Island and five nearby islands to survey for natural values. The five islands were Partridge, Courts, Actaeon, Southport and Sterile (in decreasing order of size).

South Bruny Island was chosen as the focus of the expedition because it had not previously been surveyed for mammals and would complement a mammal survey conducted on North Bruny Island in 2010 by the DPIPWE Biodiversity Monitoring Section.

Survey Highlights

  • The first formal records of the Tasmanian long-eared bat and Lewin’s rail on Bruny Islandwere made during the survey.
  • There were remarkably high capture rates of swamp rats and swamp antechinus in heathland on Cape Bruny compared with heathlands on mainland Tasmania.
  • Six species of bat were captured in only two nights of trapping on South Bruny Island, increasing the known bat fauna of the island to include all eight known breeding Tasmanian native species.
  • The estimated breeding population of little penguins on Sterile Island was found to have greatly since the last survey of the island in 1981.
  • Although they have been recorded in the past on South Bruny Island, we failed to record platypus, eastern barred bandicoot, southern brown bandicoot, Tasmanian bettong, and white-footed dunnart during our survey.
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