Flinders Island - 2012

Flinders Island was chosen as the location for the 2012 survey. Species of interest included the Furneaux Burrowing Crayfish, the Forty Spotted Pardalote and Pygmy Possums.

Flinders Island Survey

Flinders Island is the main island of the Furneaux group, a collection of 52 islands that stretch across Bass Strait between Tasmania and mainland Australia.

The island is approximately 62 km from north to south, and 37 km from east to west. The island's total land area is 1,333 square kilometres. With a height of 756 metres, Mount Strzelecki in the south west is the island's highest peak.

Survey Highlights

  • The fringed heath-blue butterfly was recorded on Flinders Island for the first time, together with some evidence for a second new species record, the Master’s skipper.
  • Observations of the Furneaux burrowing crayfish slightly extended its known distribution, and also, at 115 m above sea level, included the lowest altitude record yet made for this species
  • Findings supported earlier conclusions of a critically low level of the Flinders Island fortyspotted pardalote population, and of the high likelihood of local extinction of the Darling Range and Broughams Sugarloaf colonies
  • Breeding swift parrots were observed in the Mt. Strzelecki area - the first formal breeding record on Flinders Island
  • High concentrations of breeding shorebirds were recorded on Planter Beach. Evidence was found for a possible population decline in the redcapped plover
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