Applying for the 2017 survey...

The 2015 flora and fauna survey will take place on Hunter Island. Will you join us as a volunteer?

The upcoming survey..

The trip will take place from the Monday 9th to Friday 14th January 2017. You will be required to be in Tasmania two days before the survey begins for a briefing by DPIPWE Parks and Wildlife staff. You will return from Tasmania following a de-briefing session after the survey.

Two volunteers will be selected by the Trust to participate in the survey. The Fund will cover successful applicants' travel costs to and from Tasmania, as well as any other negotiated costs. DPIPWE will cover your transport and accommodation costs whilst in Tasmania and make all logistical arrangements for the survey. DPIPWE Parks and Wildlife staff will also provide training and support while you are on the islands. You will be required to provide your own basic field gear (pack, boots, parka, sleeping bag, warm clothes etc). DPIPWE will supply your food and all other equipment (including safety gear). You should note that weather here can be changeable. It may be cold at any time of the year.

As Hamish Saunders Memorial Trust volunteers you will assist experienced DPIPWE specialists in surveys of the flora and fauna and other aspects of the island's ecology. Apart from a strong interest in ecology you will not be required to have any specialist skills. You will be working alongside and assisting experienced conservation scientists. You will be required to contribute to the survey's objectives and to produce a brief report on the survey for DPIPWE and the Fund - including any comments you may have on the value of your participation and how future volunteer participation might be improved.

Successful applicants will have the following attributes:

  • A strong interest in conservation and a motivation to contribute to the conservation of marine environments.
  • Post graduate, or near graduation,
  • Keen to learn and to gain field experience.
  • A "team player".
  • Of sound health.
  • A competent swimmer.
  • Willing and able to live in a remote environment with only basic amenities.
  • A current passport (New Zealand applicants only)
  • Prepared and available to travel to Tasmania for the period indicated.
  • A New Zealand or Australian resident.

Your application should be no more than two pages and should highlight how you would benefit from this experience and how the mission of the Fund would be advanced by your participation. Please include your full contact details and attach a copy of your CV, as well as the email and telephone contacts of two referees.

Applications will need to be received by the HSMT by 5pm on Friday the 23rd of December. You will be advised of the outcome of your application within two days of applications closing. The successful applicants will be advised promptly of travel arrangements and further details

Applications and enquires should be sent to

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