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On the 10th of April 2003, Hamish Saunders, a young oceanographer from New Zealand travelled as part of a small group, to Pedra Branca, a small island situated off the south eastern coast of Tasmania, to assist in survey work on a Tasmanian endangered species program. Pedra Branca Island lies 28 kilometres off the south coast of Tasmania. The island is 270 metres long and 100 metres wide and reaches a maximum height of 60 metres. It is the only known habitat of the Pedra Branca Skink and is an important seabird rookery.

Weather conditions deteriorated over the coming days, and on the afternoon of the 15th April, whilst the group traversed back towards the campsite, Hamish was swept from the island by a huge wave. Despite searches from both air and sea, Hamish was never found.

Hamish on Pedra Branca

In the following months, with the support of friends on both sides of the Tasman, The Hamish Saunders Memorial Trust came into being. The island survey program is dedicated to the memory of Hamish and intended as a platform for emerging leaders in marine conservation. The Tasmanian Government's commitment and long-term support for the program was endorsed by the then Minister for Environment and Planning, The Hon. Judy Jackson MHA, on 8 July 2005.

A report is published on each of the island surveys undertaken by the Trust, and all will be available on this website.

Our mission for the future...

Survey participants, both scientists and volunteers continue to give us feedback on the annual trips and suggest improvements for coming years. Through the partnership between the Hamish Saunders Memorial Trust and the Tasmanian Government it is hoped this perpetual program will expand in scope and over time attract wide support throughout the conservation community. While it begins as a valuable survey effort, the potential exists for it to develop into an internationally recognised conservation program.

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