Introducing The HSMT

Welcome to The Hamish Saunders Memorial Trust. A non-profit organisation, established by family and friends of Hamish Saunders, a New Zealand scientist, lost to the sea whilst volunteering on a research expedition to Pedra Branca Island in Tasmania in 2003.

In memory of Hamish, every year the trust has sent volunteers from New Zealand, to participate in a survey as part of a team of specialist scientists. Travelling to and experiencing some of Tasmania's most remote, wild and beautiful locations. The information gatherered during the surveys is published and distributed to the wider scientific community. Information within the reports has been used by Conservation Groups, Goverment Departments and Communities across Australia and around the world.

Reluctantly, the Trust decided that the 2017 Survey was to be its last. We wish to thank all who contributed for their generosity, passion and commitment to keeping Hamish's memory alive through these trips.

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About us

Our mission

The Trust's purpose is to keep alive Hamish's strong commitment to marine conservation. To that end, it has a unique and highly focused mission: To nurture future leaders in the knowledge, conservation and management of marine (including island and coastal) environments.

Surveys and Reports

Island Surveys

Our annual surveys take place on selected Islands around Tasmania's coastline. The Islands that are chosen have been seldomly, if ever, surveyed in terms of the inhabiting flora and fauna and offer exciting opportunities in terms of ecological research.

Our Friends and Partners

The team at HSMT is incredibly grateful to those who currently contribute their time, energy and resources to making the surveys happen. We continue to seek individuals and corporates wishing to become involved in the Trust's ongoing work.


The Trust currently seeks interest from young New Zealanders, who are keen to participate in future surveys and believe they could contribute in some way to the mission of the Fund.

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    - Chief Seattle, 1854

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    - James Louis Carcioppolo

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    David Suzuki

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